Adding line lasers for registering larger sheets on small table

Drawing for laser bracket on torch head bracket.
search amazon.

Red line laser module Industrial Laser Group Module adjustable focal length (line-2packs)

$13.95 for two lasers.
Will update as I get them mounted.

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LAMPVPATH (Pack of 4) 3 AA Battery Holder with Switch, 4.5V Battery Holder with Switch, 3X 1.5V AA Battery Holder with Leads and Switch

Just ordered these.

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interesting. Where are you getting the lasers?

amazon is great for these parts

See above descriptions from Amazon.

I haven’t had a chance to install them yet. But this is what I bought. I might change it to a point laser instead of beam

Red Cross Line Light Cross Hair Module Generator Projector for Wood Stone Cloth Fabric Cutting Alignment (+AC-DC adpter+Holder, Red Cross)

WMYCONGCONG 5 PCS DC 5.5x2.1mm Male Connector 4x1.5V 6V Battery Holder Case Box Wired On/Off Switch w/Cover

I wanted a crosshair laser because I didn’t want to mount two. I’m using it for pierce/cut path placement to check for clearance not for sheet alignment.