Adding Homing limits

Can I use proximity switches to make homing limits for the table? i’d like it to zero itself then use offsets for certain parts and I think this would be easier with the limits. I see a lots of people use micro switches but I have lots of NPN proxy’s in stock just don’t know what the BOB is expecting for the signal ?

Bob needs an external, at least,12v dc source to supply the inputs. The optocouplers within the input circuit will not trigger on the 5v dc from the usb.

Other then that. The bob is looking for a ground signal

Well it would get 30vif I take power from the power supply is that a problem?

Don’t use 36v. I think that voltage is too much. On the board it says 24v but found out 12v will do the job. So use another external power supply or use a step down voltage regulator.