Adding code snip and sheet cam

I am using fire control Can I add a code snip in sheet cam between layers M06 To pause so I can make amp adjustment on plasma cutter

If all you’re doing is adjusting the Plasma Cutter setting, then M1 or M0 will work.

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Thanks I appreciate it

i tried that a while back… didn’t work with firecontrol. ir errored out.

What didn’t work? M0, M1, M6 or all of the above? Surely M0 must work!

i don’t think i tried M0… i know M6 and M1 didn’t work.

I put in M1 and that worked
It paused the program until I hit resume
Thanks I appreciate the help

can you take a pick of you snippet code in sheetcam? I’ve tried it a while back but firecontrol gave me an error.

Hey I was wrong my code snip is M0 not M1

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