Added cut lines in sheet cam

I must’ve changed something in sheet cam. I drew a simple 2” box with 1” hole in middle just as test.
I export from fusion to sheet cam and it gets this grid. They go away if I uncheck “rapids”. But if I post the file they still show up in fire control.

I’m complete newbie. This wasn’t happening yesterday. What did I do wrong? There should only be the small box and 1 circle.

Those are the rapids between cuts. They won’t cut. Only orange lines will cut. Blue lines are rapids.

Post a pic of your Sheetcam screen, so I can see what options you have toggled on.

If there are extra cut lines, you probably have remnant cutoff enabled.

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Thanks for the reply, I appreciate that. I was doing dry runs and the plasma was moving with those lines too. I’m not sure they would cut though. Even if I toggle them off they will show in Firecontrol. Here are some pictures

In Sheetcam, go to “options” on the top menu and select “job options”. There is a tab at the top of that page that says “remnant cutoff”. Click that tab and make sure the “enabled” box is not checked.


I really appreciate you. I tried buttons for about an hour before that post. Thanks so much!!


Glad I could help. Feel free to DM me if you have more Sheetcam questions.