Actual cost for Canadians

Just to give Ontario and other Canadian customers a realistic number of what the table will actually cost. I bought the table, water table and the 45 plasma cutter. Which came to $2670 usd. (This is when the system was on sale for $1250 usd) Which converts to almost $3600 cdn. Because all of the items ship seperately, you’re hit with seperate brokerage fees and government sales tax for each item. So for the plasma cutter itself, was $150 in taxes and fees and another $250 for the table itself. So at this point I’m around $4000 and the water table hasn’t shipped yet. And then you need a half decent air compressor and accessories if you don’t have one already. So realistically you’re around $5000 start up. I’m not trying to shoot anyone down, just sharing what the numbers will turn out to be.

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If you’re an individual can’t you “self”-broker it?
Or if you’re close to the border ship it to a mail drop on the other side and go pick it up and just pay the duties?

Yes you can if you’re close to a border. I’m no where near the border, so it’d cost me more to drive there than it would for the brokerage fee

Yeah that’s why I suggested it as a second choice. The laser I have now is just shipping to Canada and folks were saying how much some of the shippers (UPS especially) really rake you over on brokerage fees for what is only a few pages of paperwork. So most of them are self-brokering. They’re still paying the duties but they’re not paying hundreds of dollars for a half hour of work. It came in two boxes too.

If you’ve never done it I can dig out the instructions on how to do it - and you don’t need to be near the border to do it.

Shipped mine to my US mail box and picked it up. Plasma table and water table came to just over 2k Canadian. Boarder agent let me through without even asking what I had to declare, it was a good day :).


I think I am the only one to have one in OZ all up delivered with import duty was just over $3600 AUS had to ship via freight forwarding. Still trying to work out fusion but enjoy playing when I have time.

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You can save on those UPS brokerage charges if you setup a brokerage account. The charges to open a temporary account and close it is what kills you.

They could ship at our expense one service level up from UPS standard ground, then brokerage service is included and you would save $50/shipment.

Clear it yourself by getting your BIN number from then submitting and paying taxes. They are very helpful when you call and tell them its a personal purchase. You may have a problem if you receive your machine before getting a tracking number because you need to associate the shipment/invoice to a shipment.

A question for Langmuirsystems…. can you tell us if you could ship one service level up from standard UPS ground? or on our own UPS or FedEx accounts?

has anyone self clear your personal shipments and pay any duty/taxes owing at an office other than where the goods are being held

Yes, I’ve done it.

You can clear your shipments at any border crossing or any airport with a customs office(I’ve used Oshawa and Toronto Pearson). I think it can be done online now if you have your BIN number.

I used broker bee total cost for importing and taxes was $210 CAD for the water table and the plasma table

So far most of the brokerage cost has been GST.
I looked up Plasma tables and they are duty free to import from the us other than GST.

So far $23.13CDN for the water table, and the laptop stand was $19.82CDN using UPS.

I do wish they would of sent the whole shipment up here in one go, I live in a fairly isolated spot and trying to hook up with the UPS guy is a bit of a chore. Or a choice of using DHL or Purolater would be sweet.

But hey at least after it all gets here it will save me time and money not having to order in plate steel parts from down south at exorbitant markups, and tariffed to the max.

Hi Glenn,

I have one in Oz too - down near Geelong. I used MYUS as a forwarder. I think it cost me around $800 in shipping (took probably 2 weeks) and another $180ish in GST. Arrived 28th December and have been giving it a good work out. Given the exchange rate probably set me back $3000 ish to get set up in total.
Really great product - I am enjoying using it. My shed is filling up with randomly shaped, totally useless bits of steel!




Glenn Humphreys

Feb 26, 15:33 PST

Hi Paul, good to see someone else in Oz i have had mine in use since Nov but never enough time to learn the design software properly. Currently working 60hrs a week and very little design time.

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My final Bill was $3100 CDN to Langmuir, and the donation to the benevolent almighty Trudeau.

That was the unit, water table, laptop stand, full mach 3 license.

Then $2500CDN For a miller extreme 625… But i kinda already had it kicking around before.

Then found my old computer could not hack fusion, so another $2500CDN…

$8100CDN Final Cost, worth every penny.

The Agricultural Machinery Royalty can keep there absurdly priced flat steel parts, that half the time are two to four weeks away. I am sure the Crossfire will pay for itself in a hurry, just in less downtime.

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Busy work week for me too - but a long train commute gives me plenty of time for that. Biggest problem is getting to a steel supplier! All the best

How much was the tax? I’m trying to save what I have to pay to UPS so I’m getting the table sent Niagara Falls NY. A company I’ve used in the past called Cross border pickups will bring it from their warehouse in NY to Mississauga, ON.

All you end up paying in the GST. 5% (no hst or pst in Alberta), so Ontario will be a bit more.

At least the federal government are not nuts enough to put a tariff on machine tools.

Well good luck to them.

Nowadays everyone and their dog owns a CNC plasma table, pretty saturated market.

@mark777722 this isn’t really an appropriate place to be advertising competitors products.

I only live 5 hours away from the FastCut manufacturing facility and I still chose to buy a Langmuir.


jioined a few hours ago

also when you visit the website and it pops up banners of people who have bought something every 30 seconds…you know it is suspicious…