About to make first cut

Got my CrossFire XR assemblied and ready for first cut. I have a hypertherm sync 65, my question is there are some ohmic rings in my package that clip to the torch tip and connect to a wire from THC, is this required with the LM XR or is it commutating some other way because there is no mention of a wire or do I see one anywhere. It’s nice to run the break-in program and get a green light, only problem I had was missing brace brackets for the gantry, Cameron got them to me in two days, thanks for his great service. Thanks for any help, educating me on the hypertherm.

No the ohmic sensor is for a different type of torch height control.

You will feed divided voltage from the CPC port on your hypertherm sync.

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Thanks TinWhisperer, that’s good, already have the THC cable from LM hooked up, so I guess I’m ready to cut.

Well I’m been cutting for a couple of weeks now, and I must say I have absolutely no complaints with the LM XR table. The CrossFire program becoming easier to use every day. I think one reason I have hardly any issues is that I elected to go with the Hypertherm 65 SYNC plasma cutter. I have cut 3/8 inch, 1/4 inch, 3/16 inch, and 14 gage with it and they all look great on the top side and almost no doss on bottom using the Hypertherm manual recommended settings. I’m using Fusion 360 for design and it has been the hardest to catch on to, but the more I use it the more I learn. During my assembly I only had to call LM two times, and each time I didn’t get to talk to anyone, but each time Cameron called me back within 10 minutes and answered my question. This ole Mississippi boy is Happy!


hey Jerry, i have a hypertherm 65 sync as well and got it to test cut fine manually but could not get the fire control to do a test on the THC. Also the torch will not manually fire anymore.any help would be great! or TinWhisperer? thank you in advance guys!

In the first picture what does “Torch on” mean?

It should be the divided voltage signal from your hypertherm going to DIV " divided input voltage" input on your VIM ( voltage input module)

And then from the DIV output on your VIMto your langmuir electronics enclosure.

Your torch on cable should go directly from the hypertherm to your Langmuir electronics enclosure.

The picture 3of3does look correct though.

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The lead coming from the “torch on/off” on the control box to the plasma

I also have a Hypertherm 85 sync with the Langmuir/Hypertherm CPC cable and want to make sure I hook up the THC/VIM correctly.

So, if I understand you correctly, the barrel connector from the Langmuir/Hypertherm CPC cable goes to the DIV Input on the VIM control box and the 2 pin connector on the same CPC cable goes to the THC on/off of the electronics box? Then the DIV output from the THC box should go to the THC on the electronics box?

Thanks in advance, I found the instructions to be vague.

Where you say THC on/off I believe you mean torch on/off; which if that’s what you mean, I believe that to be correct.

Yes, Torch on/off. Perfect thanks!