About to buy a table need advice on plasma cutter selection

Hi everyone,

First time post, i have been reading a lot of forums leading up to this post. Im about to pull the trigger on ordering a table and am trying to decide on a plasma cutter. I cut mainly 1/8", 5/16", and 1/4" but need the ability to cut 3/4" from time to time.

Based on reviews it looks like the hypertherm 65 would be my best choice, however the new sync models with single piece consumables arent very attractive with consumable replacement cost. Im thinking that machine will likely be very costly to learn and practice on.

That brings me to my next option the everlast powerplasma 102i. I cant find much info on this machine. It is rated for thicker materials than the hypertherm 65. From what ive read it seams like hooking up the everlast will be more complicated and the consumable options / life is brought up in many discussions with favor going to the standard (non sync) hypertherm units in that regard.

Ive read that the torch on the everlast can be replaced with aftermarket units to run hypertherm consumables but havent been able to find exact details. Is thos a good option to look into and what would i need to do this?

My last question comes down to cutting thin material (fine cut consumables) these dont seem to be readily available for the 102i torch. Would the hypertherm consumable conversion solve this issue? If not can i purchase a lower output torch specifically for cutting thin materials?

Sorry for all the rambling and bouncing around, im really not sure which direction to go here. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated.

If you are on a tight budget buy the Everlast with a machine torch. A great machine for the money.

If you want the best, buy a Hypertherm. you will not be disappointed.

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So I run a 62i on my pro table…although I really like the machine it does eat through consumables pretty quick.
It iis not moisture in my air…believe me …it is a paragraph and a half to describe my drying system…

they are just not as robust as other brands…If I had the money I would go with the Hypertherm…hand down…they are the leader in plasma…

hooking up the Everlast is a breeze…you just go RAW connection right off the terminals inside the front of the plasma…

The idea of changing torches just does not make much sense…I always go to car comparisons…putting a amazing torch on a mid level machine is like putting high performance race tires on midsize sedan…you may get traction…but you will not improve the performance much…


I used the razorweld 45 from Langmuir with varied success. I recently purchased the Hypertherm 45xp and now I am wondering why I did not do that from the start. Spend the money and go with Hypertherm, you will be happy you did.


Have you cut any thick material with the 45xp? Wondering if i can get away with using that machine over the powermax 65 sync.

I am unsure of the cost comparison of regular consumables to the sync cartridges especiallygiven the price tag of the 65. Everything I’ve read makes it sound like it is more expensive to opperate than a standard consumable configuration. Im not a business this will be for personal use but i do cut a good amount of 1/2 steel and need the ability to make decent holes in it for bolts. I also need to cut smaller parts out of 3/4 from time to time.

I’ve only cut up to 3/8" so far. However I have seen others cut 3/4" easily with the 45xp, that and the price difference of the machines and consumables led me to the 45xp.

The big question is how big is your parts you will need to watch for duty cycles.

I have a hypertherm 65 Which is 100 duty at 45 amps. I believe 60 duty at 65 amps.

I also have the rw45 which is 60 at 45 amps I am not sure exactly.

You don’t want to get half way through a part and hit your duty cycle.


I think on the 1/2" plate my biggest parts would be some plates i need to cut for a tractor, those are about 65 inches of cutting plus 8 1.5" holes. The 3/4 would be small parts around 26 inches of cutting and a 2" hole (i guess i could drill a pilot hole to edge start the hole if needed).

If you’re making tractor parts like that I would buy the 85 SYNC. That way you can have faster inches per minute cuz you can put 85 amps into it and a bigger duty cycle. Programming a bunch of pauses and waiting for slow 45 amp cutting is going to suck with those parts that you are describing above.

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For example my ht 65 is rated for 1/2 at 30 lpm so you can cut say 90 inches in a 10 minute period. Then 3/4 is 15 I’m so that’s around 45 inches in 10 minutes.

If you are going to cut a lot like that save yourself some time buy as big as you can afford.

Unfortunately cost becomes an issue. As this is just for personal use, the parts described will be made only occasionally as they need replacement. Most stuff i do is offroad projects for myself and friends and consists of bumper builds using 3/16 and 1/4".

An 85 is not possible for me financially. I could grit my teeth and get a 65.

But if i can get away with a smaller unit that can run slower on the thicker parts i sometimes make then it might make sense to just do that.

It sounds like its between a 45xp or a 65 sync

Does anyone have feedback on the new sync cartridges?
Ive been researching and theres pages and pages of complaints about hypertherm changing the consumable and nolonger offering the non sync machines but there isnt much out there from people actually running the machines giving comparisons on consumable life / cost comparison to traditional hypertherm consumables.

You can certainly cut thicker material with the 45. I actually also have the rw45 also and have cut 3/4 plate with decent results. You just have to determine for yourself what you can afford maybe the used market. The plasma you buy is the heart of your machine and you will only be able to cut as good as it can.

I was in the same situation, and purchased a Powermax 65 (pre SYNC model). I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Kind of wish I had the SYNC because its easy to swap consumables and tell exactly which is setup is in the torch. The Hypertherm consumables last forever for a home shop guy.

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I bought the last non sync I could find was afraid of new technology.

Just remember the best plasma cutters out there is not worth anything if your air system is not top of the line to support it.


I have a pretty good compressor putting out 12 cfms at 90psi feeding a 100 gallon tank with refrigerated air dryer, and multiple filters. Should be adequate.

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sounds like a decent system…but I tell people multiple filters and water separators and regulators start to cause volume drop…especially if any of the fittings are under 1/2"…

keep it down to cooling the air…condensing the air…desiccant beads to watch the air…then a good filter just before the plasma…

Don’t be dumb like me and buy a razor cut 45. Spend the money and get a hypertherm. Not too long after I got my XR table Langmuir started offering hypertherms. The razor cut plasma is cheap and has no consistency of cut quality. On another note, I have a razor cut 45 for sale if anyone is interested! :joy:

I have a buddy that owns a fabrication bussiness and he told me get the best and largest plasma you can afford. I got a Hypertherm 45xp a few years ago and I am glad I did. I rarely cut thicker than 3/8" but I have cut 1/2" and it did an amazing job when I dialed in the settings. My 3/8" cuts look like they were cut with a water jet and I have had no problems since setting up the table. I would get a 65 if you are regularly cutting 1/2" though.

Also, a precooler on your compressor is a must in my opinion. They should come from the factory that way. Mine auto drains when the line depressurizes after a cycle and probably removes 90%

Thank you all for your input. I think given everything that ive been told, i will be going with the powermax 65. I guess i will see how the sync cartridges do as its been impossible to find a used non sync model anywhere close to me. Will be ordering a new unit and table. Buy once cry once…