About the Wiring for LS-THC (Raw and Divided) category

A place to share with others how to wire your specific plasma cutter to the LS-THC VIM module for Raw or Divided Voltage input. Helpful guides will be ‘stickied’ to the top of this thread for easy access. Please refer to the Langmuir Systems LS-THC User Guide for proper installation instructions.

@langmuir-daniel Wiring up the PrimeWeld Cut 60 to use raw voltage. I attached the raw voltage leads straight to the torch (black) and the work clamp (red). When I tested the leads I get continuity between the red banana plug and the work clamp, as the guide states it should.

But then I also get continuity between the black banana plug and the plasma torch. In Step 4 of the guide it says There should be no continuity between the black male bannana clamp and your plasma cutter.

Not sure where to attach the black lead if not straight to the torch bolt just behind the front cover?