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Did the system up date with usb plugged in now the torch won’t fire . Did I brake it ??

O Boy forgot to turn the air compressor on…SENIOR MOMENT !


I cut a file fine the first time , now the y asis cuts over material size about one inch

Any body having problems with manual nest,I have been using almost every day.After the last round of updates it stopped working. I hit manual nest and x or y it go’s back to the one it just cut ??

I’m having the same issue. the -X direction does not work. I have spent 2+ weeks trying to get Langmuir with to help on this. I have received an email stating here is a motor on the way. I installed the motor assembly since my brand new table burned up the connector on a brand new table. This did nothing to fix the issue. I installed the new motor and still will not work in the -X direction. I sent another email asking abut the Motion control board or step module. I want sent and invoice to pay for the 2 new items from the tech department. THIS DOES NOTHING! LOL. I’m getting the feeling that Langmuir does not have any customer support or Langmuir does not care about their customers. This is the worst experience I have had with a company so far. I have ran large and small fabrication shops all my life and this is a joke for a basic burn table.

Seems very out of character for @langmuirsystems .

I see today is your first time reaching out for help on the Forum.

Are you looking for some troubleshooting assistance or are you just venting?

If you’re looking for assistance start by defining your scenario in detail and maybe take a picture of the inside of your electronics enclosure, maybe there’s a wire hooked up in the wrong place?

If you only want to vent ,you’re going to not find any sympathy here. Facebook is a way better outlet for that.

This is a place for solving problems.

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