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General Discussion about the CrossFire CNC Plasma Table.

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could you put an area were you live in or you are from ? this way new purchase owners can hock up from there area. some kind of list to sign up on an email .
my user name is Smallie email Meataball49@gmail.com
I’m from Allentown Pa. area. Lehigh valley area I live by the airport have Langmuir SYS. Pro.
on Oder ….

When is the THC Going to be ready for crossfire? You guys said early January!
Please give us a update .

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I recently bought the fire control with thc upgrade and have been totally frustrated trying to get it to work. Right now I would like to use the fire contro with out the thc. How can I do that. I just want x and y.

Turn off the THC in Firecontrol.

thanks, in playing around i found that and turned it off and am now cutting parts. had some other problems like too slow cut rate, but figured them out

now i am having; a problem with my post processing. i’m using fire control and sheetcam. i thought sheetcam was a post processor, but now it wants me to select a post processor. I see in sheetcam where it allows me to select a pp, but which one should i use. i am not using the z axis

Sheetcam is a CAM (computer aided machining) application. It’s the translator between your design software and your machine’s control software. It does this by taking your design file (DXF, SVG, etc), applying the “rules” in the post-processor and spitting out a GCode file the control app (FireControl) will use to control the machine.

You need to install the post-processor file that contains the info needed for your machine. The Langmuir website has the Sheetcam post-processor you’ll need to download and copy into your Sheetcam directory. The website has directions for that too.

Once you do that, you go into Sheetcam, choose the Langmuir FireControl post-processor and you’ll be good to go. You only have to do that setup once.

I have been trying for over a week to get a hold of a tech person or sales person. I have called and left messages and emailed several times with no response. I was one of your first customers when you offered the early buy program for you cross fire models. Someone needs to respond if you are still in business. anythnggoes74@gmail.com