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Newbie here got an XR finally trying to get it u and running with a hyper therm 45 xp with the cord I can’t get it to do anything getting message on computer saying torch is cut off but it is not switched on and of still getting message had air at 120 psi at first lowered it to 100 thinking it would go but nothing is happening I am so confused all I do is watch videos and Google all day with nothing call tech line with no one there I am about ready to haul this mess off as scrap !

Is your machine torch safety turned off? There should be a switch in this location.

Mine doesn’t have the switch, because I’m using it on an Everlast, but there is a blank plate where the switch should be.

Ya it is flipped to green i actually tried it both up and down with no luck

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Ok. Let’s go through this one step at a time.

Do you hear a click from the electronics enclosure when you press the torch fire button in Firecontrol?

Post pics of the front of your electronics enclosure and the VIM box with the cables plugged in.

I moved your post to XR category and letting @langmuir-cameron , XR support know.

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