About me and what I do

I’m picking up a new to me crossfire pro. I will be getting an everlast 62i with machine torch. I work full time as a paramedic and shift captain. I am also a deputy and medic for SWAT. In my spare time I run a side business in woodworking. I have grown my business from a corner of the garage to a dedicated 2100 sq ft shop. I have all the regular wood tools and also operate a cnc router (CamMaster) and laser machine (ULS). I look forward to adding metal into my woodworking business.


AWESOME! …and welcome to the group!
Feel free to ask questions and contribute!

Welcome to the forum!

Yeah, you definitely need more equipment to fill up that space you have!

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I hear you on that my shop is a slide puzzle.

Sliding puzzle - Wikipedia.


Like a big-ass lathe and a similarly described mill for starters! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

make sure you create a small ventilated filtered room for the plasma or all your woodworking equipment will get covered in a fine black dust … not to mention the havoc it plays on electrical motors…

I also have the 62i…if you look up my name I have posted pictures of where and how to tie in the RAW voltage for the 62i torch…it is the best way to get true voltage readngs from the torch…I only use the CNC port for on/off

wish I had a shop like that…but how do you find time to use it?