A text question

I’ll do my best to make this question as clear as I can, although it may come across confusing.
I am trying to use the text in fusion 360 on a sign I am trying to make. The cut out letters, or I guess the “inside metal of the letters” will be used in the sign, not the other way around where as the lettering would be hollow. Anyhow, I’m trying to attach the lettering to the rest of the sign, but can’t seem to trim the cuts at the edges of the lettering to prevent the cnc from cutting them right off. I hope someone can make some sense of my problem lol.

I understand. You’re trying to get rid of the cut lines where the letters overlap or touch the rest of the design.

In Inkscape or Corel you use either the weld function or delete segment tool. I can’t dig into Fusion to find the commands right now but if you don’t use those design packages you could do a search in the Fusion Help to see what it calls the same functions.

If nobody pipes up before then, I can check on Fusion for you tonight. (I mostly design in Corel and toolpath in Fusion except for 3D extruded stuff so it’s not at my fingertips.)

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Right click your text and click “convert to geometry”

This will turn the text into lines that can then be trimmed like normal.


Hey thanks so much, I didn’t have a convert to geometry option in there but it lead me on the right path. I can’t exactly remember what it was called that I used in the right click but it worked, much appreciated
, thank you


If you remember what the command/selection is please update us. I think you are adding tabs so the parts don’t fall through.

No I wasn’t adding tabs, it gave me a line around the text that I could trim, extend etc. I will try and find the command next time I’m around the computer

Im glad you got it figured out!

Gruntz did you figure out how you did it? I don’t have a convert to geometry either

Hey there wbrown I can’t remember the command and don’t have my computer with me to look into it. I know I right clicked on the text and it was something in there. Sorry I wish I could be more help

I do most of my text in inkscape but if i have to use fusion i place my text where i want it and then select explode text.Then after you will be able to trim out the overlaps and connect it all.


If you right click the font and click on explode text it should turn it into lines that you can manipulate how ever you like. so that way you can make bridges to hold the inner part of an “O”. at least that’s what ive been doing, hope this helps.