A simple Mach3 screen

Awesome Nick! Glad it works now.

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see post below

replied to last post instead of your last entry. Don’t know if you saw it.so I downloaded your screen but have not been able to try it as my shop converted to spray booth for a month to paint my 55 chevy pickup. CF is up and running again but when I loaded g code for project I got generating tool path message that would not complete. I dry ran the program and it tracked fine, just no path on screen. Any Ideas as I really like the big screen

First question is, do you have the license installed or is it the free version?

yes, been running about a year now with no issues. reloaded base screen and path came up imediately, cut ran with no problems.

Ok good. I plum forgot about this thread! Been super busy lately. I think I need to add a regen tool path button under the patch screen. If yall think of things you want on the screen let me know and I’ll try to make it happen.

Is there a simple way to add the cut time timer to the screen?