A little about me

Hi! I’m from CT, background in instrumentation, shipbuilding, construction, and engineering. Started a home based hobby shop that has grown into a home based business. Always wanted to get into CNC machining, printing, and cutting. Have had lots of orders lately for complex cut shapes, so here I am. Ordered a machine, and all the accessories to make my hypertherm plug and play, just waiting on that ship date.

I’m big into cars/trucks/bikes/powersports and do a lot of one off parts and R&D.

I use solidworks for cad/fea and now cam

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Where in CT? I was raised in western CT (Bethel) and there are a few other significant contributors who are also in CT (@jamesdhatch @ctgolfer )


Montville, Eastern by the Casinos. Awesome! The Bethel area is beautiful from the few times I’ve been through there.

Hi everyone I am new here. so excited to be a part of this community

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