A gentle reminder for myself

My son who works as a welder/fabricator for a custom aluminum boat manufacturer has been giving me heck on a regular basis for my less than rigorous shop cleanup. And I used to work as a journeyman marine mechanic and was diligent about keeping my shop space clean back then so it’s not as if I don’t know better :laughing: but… I’m retired now and with my already tiny shop space and lots of stuff of the go yeah I let things slip.

So I cut out this gentle reminder for the door from the shop space into the house. Wording assistance courtesy of my son of course.

Think it’ll help? :thinking:


Also applicable as a yard sign for dog walkers.


Nice sign. Maybe tell him you cleaned up after him for x amount of years, Maybe he could clean up after Dear ole Dad some.


LIke that would work!! :rofl: