A couple mirror project for my wife

I made 2 mirrors one with each of my wifes cats name on it, they will go on each side of a shelf



Those are great! I had jus told my wife I could probably make custom picture frames with the table. Thanks for the example to show her!

Who did the hammered look paint?

CAPS in Fresno CA powder coated them for me and Troy’s Glass in Tulare cut and fit the mirrors. I made the glass company a custom frame with their logo I just need to get a picture of it.

Looks great. It’s nice to hear someone else who drops stuff off to be coated. I feel like so many people do it all, it’s just to much for me. I’ve got a buddy getting into powder coating and a shop within spittin distance for stuff he can’t do. I HATE painting.


Yeah, I looked at it and said, “Hey, I can drop a few hundred on cheap stuff and repurpose a ‘Marketplace’ oven just to find out that I suck at painting, or I can throw a small amount at Topps Powder coating in Moore, (shameless plug, they did me right!), For a quality job.”. Haven’t looked back.

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What cutter are you using? The detail is great.

brownfox, I’m still cutting on my original LS 2x2, I just haven’t had tome to put the Pro together. The plasma unit is a Everlast 80 with a 1.0mm tip cutting 12 gauge steel at around 95 ipm and 50 amps. I use 1/16" thick angle and 1/2" dimension for the channel the the mirror slides into. I have a small jig I use to put a gap between the edge of the mirror frame and the angle this way it’s the right size to take the weld bead (and no I am not a welder I am a grinder LOL) . I can send you some pictures of the jig that I use to make sure the gap is exactly the same on all 3 sides and it holds solid in place to put the tacks on.
I appreciate the questions, I am by no means not a creative person by nature and my wife teases me about finding my creativity at 60 years of age.

Red mirror


Very nice!