64 bit operating system?

Is the os 64 bit required or the processor. I plan on using windows 7. Thank you


So how do you tell if the processor is 64 bit?

in the search bar next to the windows icon on bottom left corner type in SYSINFO and press enter. loo for system type, should say x32-based or x64-based

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Ok. Thank you

Intel hasn’t made a 32-bit desktop processor since 2002, and the lowest of low Atom laptop processors were 32-bit So unless you’re using a 19-year old desktop computer, or a laptop with an Atom processor, you have a 64-bit processor.

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Well, windows 7… I mean, I think folks should move on to something less than 20 years old but I still see flipping XP machines in use.

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Great info. I do not usually purchase new computers. I did find a desktop that is 64 bit though. Has a lot of storage too! So i will try that. I made the mistake of buying a windows 10 streaming laptop with very little on board storage. So not looking to buy another soon. Thank you .

Hey Flaco, go on the crucial.com website and run their configurator on your “streaming laptop” you may find that it’s not terribly expensive to upgrade your storage and RAM. ( not saying you have to buy the upgrades there but the tool let’s you know what you have and how much you can add to it)


You don’t say?

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Ok. Thank you. I will do that