500 Lines of G code

How complex of part is everyone able to cut out with the trial version of Mach 3. I was under the impression I would be able to cut out a lot more with 500 lines. The most I can get is my name in a stencil font. I tried changing around my parameters to compress my lines but that didn’t seem to help much. Any insight how I can compress my lines or should I stop being cheap and buy the full version?

I ended up buying the full version after the second sign I made was more the 500 line

I think for anything more than simple boxes & circles you’re going to need the full version. I routinely get 10 or 20,000 lines in a project.

You can break up your project into multiple toolpaths and load & run them separately to get under the 500 line limit but I find that to be more trouble than it’s worth - time & simplicity is worth something :slightly_smiling_face:

Fonts and irregular curves simply require a lot more lines. Simple circles and square require minimal lines of code.

You can also loosen up the tolerances a bit. Most I know, they just do multiple processes to complete the cut if tolerance is expected to be high.

most letters and converted geometry is splines the cam then converts it into segments they call it “tollerance” so if you can make it less accurate without loosing detail the smaller the code. Even better but more time consuming is to make it line and arcs if possible.

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Thanks for the feed back everyone. Ill go ahead and buy the license.

Where are you buying Mach3 full version? The only place I saw it was in the store in the section that says configure your crossfire. I put Mach3 in the cart but the Plasma Table is also in the cart. It wont let me take the table out. Anyone else know what I am talking about?

You can also buy direct from Newfangled Solutions


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Same thing happened to me. I E-Mailed Langmuir systems and the sent me an invoice via E-mail for just the license.

I had to purchase the full license for the first thing I tried to cut

is the license only for 1 computer
what if i upgrade my pc. can i transfer to new PC?


@fredycruger no you can transfer license to another computer.

You’ll get a license file that you’ll copy to the Mach 3 directory. I actually have it on two machines - the one in the house I use for design in case I want to pull that and use it at the cutter and the other on a laptop on the Crossfire that I only use to control the Crossfire.

That’s actually why you can buy the license for $50 on eBay & places. They register it with an obfuscated name and sell copies of their license file.

Well if you buy it I hope you have better luck than I have I’ve been trying to get it since Thursday of last week 1st the code that Langmiur sent me didn’t work than after talking to Mach and Langmiur for 2 days I was able to get the email that was supposed to have the zip file in it which it didn’t so I’ve spent $175.00 and almost a week later I still don’t have a license. So good luck!