50 to 1 voltage divider

I have a 2021 model Miller 625 X and it is not compatible with the CNC kit from Miller. I got a email from Miller on how to hook up raw voltage bit I would like a 50 to 1 divider. I have been looking but can’t seem to find a generic one that I think would work. Can some one point me to one?


The voltage input module supplied by langmuir.
Well process your raw voltage so that your torch height controller chip can recognize it without being fried.

The voltage input module takes the raw voltage and uses resistors to divide it to a low enough voltage to be safe for the electronics.

The electronics at this point multiplies that reduced voltage to get the actual voltage to base its decisions off of.

The voltage input module is essentially a 50 to 1 voltage divider or equivalent inside.

The only other way to get your to get your Miller to provide 50 to 1 voltage would be construct your own 50 to 1 voltage divider out of resistors.
(High voltage DC will kill you so at your own risk)

You could also buy and install the factory printed circuit board for the 625 Miller CNC edition which would have a 50 to 1 voltage divider built onto it. (This would be the worst way of going about it)

The voltage input module already does exactly what you’re asking for you do not need any more equipment.

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Thanks for the detail response, I hope to get everything built this week. I will go with raw voltage as you say.

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