4x4 CrossFire Pro

I figured this might be a helpful topic for everyone. I got my Crossfire Pro running back in March but decided to try making some money with it in June building firepits and hand sanitizer stands… I quickly found myself wishing I had a bigger table especially moving 3/16 4x8 sheets around it would be great not to have to constantly be indexing.

I started gathering stuff for this back in august just haven’t had the time to take the machine down to do the upgrade.

I found a local shop that has a metal brake big enough to bend up a new water table 52 1/4 x 52/14. The cost was about $160… no more seem!

I was originally going to just build off the existing table but decided for a couple of reasons it would be easier to just build from the ground up. 2x2 14Gauge 96 feet Cost $282 (I have a good bit leftover)

The upper rail Is 2x2 Galvanized that was expensive since I had to buy the entire 24ft length for $130.

This is where some people might have a hard time. You need a longer lead screw cut and turned so if you dont have a Lathe you might be stuck. I uped the thickness to 1/2 so I also needed a new lead nut. You should be looking for 1/2" 5 Start.

As of this post, I have not finished the project but will keep the thread updated as I go.


Nice start. I only wish I had the space for one that size and the lifting assist equipment to get sheets of steel up there :slightly_smiling_face:

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Im pushing it here on my size but it should work. Up until a couple of years ago we never had a forklift. I don’t know what id do without a lift

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I use a cherry picker hoist to move large pieces (engine hoist) works good.

@rccrazy30, Any update on your 4x4 Pro build? Would love to see pics? Thanks.

I’m considering expanding my Pro as well, any progress on this yet?