4Runner low profile bumper

Finally was able to accomplish the level of work I’ve wanted to when I got into metal. All thanks to @langmuirsystems


That is very slick. Congratulations.

In process pics?

image image image


I was wondering when you’d get to the deets! This is more like it.

What thickness is the steel. That is very refined…store bought looking

1/4 on the baseplate and mounts. 3/16 elsewhere.

Just wish I could get other angles perfect so I could bend into shape and weld less. Already working on another version to fix some minor flaws i this one. I want to sell them someday, prefer as a weld it yourself kit but I’d build them for the right price.

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Very nice and clean:goat:

Thanks! I cut some custom light bar mounts yesterday. Need to cut my cover panels next. Then build version 3.0.

I think you need another 4 Runner so you can perfect the design incrementally…

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Yeah, that’s how my brain works.

Love the bumper, I cant wait to start building parts for my 4Runner. Its been stock for to long.

That is some seriously nice work! Bumper looks great!