4' x 2' table extension

This is my new project: modyfing my new plasma table. I started by replacing the 2" X 2" tube by 2" X 3"

After, i reused olds parts to reinstall the X axis

The new 1/2" acme screw…

I made a new stainless water tray with a 1" drain.

I am making support for the flatbars. It’s enough for today, i will continue tomorrow!


The table extension is looking really good, I have had my table up and running for about 5 weeks now and absolutely love it, but I already wish it was bigger. I’m already debating about expanding my table to be like yours or buying a new 4x4 or possibly a 4x8. (shops a little snug to fit a 4x8 though but can do it)

Never run my table since i received it last week! Soon i will, but i already thing that my powermax45 plasma won’t have enough power (i already took some jobs that require 1" plate…) If you want to modify it to be 2’ X 4’ like mine, it will cost you around 600$ CAD for the material. I would like to have a 4’ X 4’, but the space is limited in my garage. You also need some lifting device the be able to move the steel plates.

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that is great fabrication work, like the idea of you going with 2x3 vs just using 2x2, I plan on doing the same to mine eventually, just content with it size now, when I start using it more that will be one of the first thing i do to it and maybe sometime in the future upgrade the cutter, to be able to cut 1 inch plate, my razorweld cut45 is just right for now
one question, where you order the new 1/2 acme thread and did you have to machine the ends down

Today, i add the flatbars in the water pan, made a shelf and change the wheels for bigger one, to be able to take more weight


Looking great. Outstanding work on this.


I am really happy with this machine! It works perfect


What gauge of tubing did you use for the 2 x 3 rectangular and stainless 2 x 2 square tubing? and do you have a part number for your Acme 1/2 lead screw?

Hi! I used 1/8" thick wall for both. Wanted to buy the stainless square tube with 0.188" wall, but my local dealer were not able to get it.


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Hello! This morning a worked on my plasma table. I don’t have a lot of place in my workshop, so i move my table very often, and sometime, i bump a corner somewhere. Last time, i bump the Y axis step motor, and it’s very fragile. So i made a protection:

After, because the table is now 48" long, i had some problems with the cable of the X axis. I installed a drag chain cable carrier.

I am really happy with the result.

Bought the part on amazon so if you want to do the same:


I bought the ACME screw on ebay. At 38$ US it’s a great deal now : https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F132450480303


Do you think the its safe to extend the other axis another 1 foot? Or would that cause a stability issue?

That looks great! This same idea was recently discussed in my shop.

I’m trying to extend my table but I live in Australia and no one has any idea about theses screws could you please give me the details so I can give them more info please

The 1/2" lead screw that is compatible with the Langmuir tables is 1/2 -10 Acme with 5 starts and results in .5" movement per turn.