30' machine torch's are here

Just wanted to let everyone know I have (10) 30’ PTM60 machine torch’s and (5) 30’ TM70/X45 machine torch’s

These should work well with your PRO or XR table.

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For those of us new to this, can you please elaborate on which plasma cutters would use this torch? I have an XR Deposit in, and have not yet pulled the trigger on a plasma cutter. I’m leaning toward the Primeweld myself.


These torch’s will fit a lot of different plasma cutters.
Everlast, Primeweld, Razorweld, Lotos 5500, Herocut, Titanium and other non high frequency plasma cutters.

The PTM60 is the most popular and gives you the most choices in consumables.


I’m interested in one of those for my Everlast. I sent you an email a week or two ago about getting on the waiting list. I’ll send new one today.

I am looking for a 25’ PTM60 with 25’

Welcome to the forum.

I can cut down a 30’ torch to 25’ if you really want me to. The price is still the same as a 30’ torch.

What is the price of a 20’ and a 30’?

Don’t have any 20’ torch’s in stock unless I need to make one up for someone from parts.

30’ torch’s are $395 + $32 shipping to people here on Langmuir.

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Hi mechanic416,
I would like to know if the cables can be user shorten? If not can a requested length be provided? Under 30’
Thank you sir>

What size cable would you like?

Not really sure yet. Just putting everything together.

you answered my questions with a question. Can you answer my questions?

Yes I can answer them.

The price on a 20’ PTM 60 torch was $375 + $32 shipping if I had them.

The 30’ PTM 60 torch are $395 + $32 shipping. It will be the same price if I have to shorten it.

It can not be shortened by most people.

Yes you can get any length you want.

If its shorter then 30’ I can shorten it for you.

If its over 30’ it will have to be ordered and will take about 3 months.


Thank you. I hope to order soon.

I am ready to order the torch. How do we get it done?

Send me a email, address its on my web site.

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I don’t know where to find your email address.

You click on taz it gives you my web site. mechanic416@georgesplasmacuttershop.com

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I want to thank you for all your help with my machine torch. The cable length is just right, and a nice torch.
Thank you again,