30 Amp settings for 14 gauge steel

i have a hypertherm 45xp and want to cut 14 gauge steel and run it on 30 amps as running it on 45amps have not giving me good cut quality. What are the specs to run on for 30 amps? thankls

Should tell in the owners manual

it only gives me the specs on 45 amps

Ya thats what I cut 14ga at. Why do you want 30? fine cut Consumbles?

i run a hypertherm 300 at work and cut 14g at 30 amps and cut really good. you cut 14gauge on 45 amps? seems like i get more slag at 45 amps

i dont think i have finecut consumables. im just using the starter pack that came with the hypertherm 45xp

I have a RW 45 and only have 45 amp consumables. I have tried lower amp but saw very little difference if any. I normaly leave it at 45 amps and just change IPM. Having a Hypertherm makes all the difference.
At some point I want to upgrade but for what I do for the most part RW works well.

oh got ya. yea the hyperthem consumables are from 10-110 amps so you can just adjust your plasma cutter and you the same tip