3 phase and single phase

Does anyone make a dual phase machine like both 3 phase and single in one plasma cutter. I have 3 phase at the shop and would like to be able to run the plasma off the generator in the service truck if needed but that would be single phase. I think the hypertherm 65 and above are but just wondering if anything else was.

Miller’s autoline feature on the 875 does this.

Spectrum® 875 Auto-Line (millerwelds.com)

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Do you need your machine to be 3 phase or would regular 220v cut it? And is your service truck 220v? I got a hypertherm 45xp and when it’s hooked up in my shop I just have a receptacle that just grabs 2 legs and the ground to get 220v out of the 3ph. Right or wrong that’s what I’ve been doing and it works. What would make that more proper is just switching out the breaker to 220v in the panel…

BTW that miller autoline stuff is awsome! I have 2 dynasty welders and they can be hooked up to about any power you will see out there and work great.

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Service truck has 220. I saw the hypertherm 65 had dual phase but its not a big deal if it’s not 3 phase. I think a 45xp might be too small we have a 1250 on the farm now. Mainly making brackets and parts from 1/4 - 1/2 sometimes 3/4-1 so I was thinking a 65 or maybe a thermal dynamics 60i

Thanks for answering. My uncle ordered a hypertherm 105 yesterday.