2D CAD Software?

Is there 2D software for just hobby guys just doing plasma cutting?? Other than Fusion 360 and Inkscape… Thats easier to use and understand ??? I know its a loaded question !!! But thought I would just throw it out there ??

I use QCAD professional and it works really well…

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I’ve used Punch ViaCad 2D for a few years $50-70 depending on discounts. Tutorials on youtube helped me. Decently proficient at making anything now.

Any design program will work so long as you can save the file as an SVG or DXF. I often use Inkscape or Corel Draw because I’m often doing first tries using my laser cutter & cardboard to test the design before moving to steel. When I have the design worked out I use Sheetcam to setup the GCode needed for Firecontrol and then run it on the Crossfire.

Inkscape is free, Affinity Designer is about $50 and Corel is in the hundreds. Adobe Illustrator will work too but is even more expensive.

I only use 3D CAD programs (usually Freecad) when I’m doing projects that will be folded & welded like aux fuel tanks.

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I have tried QCAD, It is a bit of an adjustment from Autodesk products. I think if I used it long enough I may be able to get used to it. At work we use REVIT which is an Autodesk product geared mostly to structural drawings.

Perhaps its the settings… but the way you have to choose horizontal line or vertical line or point to point line for me is a pain. Also I typically enter decimal lengths… ie if I want the line 12’-3/8" I would simply enter 12.375. with QCAD am having to enter 12’3/8" which for me is a little slower. I guess Mom was right… you get what you pay for?

I have been using Fusion for everything and will probably keep using it as long as they let me.

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The fractions can be changed to decimal. I created a custom toolbar for what I use the most.

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Shapr3D has slowly replace all my cad softwares

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