220v power supply

Hi everyone. Just got my unit here in Australia. In the process of setting up and a little unsure how/where I select 220v as the power input? Can’t seem to find a simple instruction (ie with pictures) on the website anywhere so hoping someone can help here? I suspect it’s the yellow dial on the end of the power supply but I’d like some assistance (please)!


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Pull the cover off the electronics enclosure. Find the large silver power supply. There will be a switch on the long side. Move switch to desired voltage.


Ahh - yep. Found it. Just gotta look a bit harder!

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Gday mate I’m in Perth and thinking about buying a cnc plasma machine. Can you tell me how yours is running? Glad you bought it? Is the support OK from the US? I got a few other questions if you have time.
Perth WA


Yeah I have had mine now for nearly 2 years - bought one of the initial batch. I really like it and use it for lots of stuff that’s not probably necessary, but if you’ve got the tool there then why not!

I don’t use it for commercial work (just a hobby).

Couple things:

-Hardest part is the software. I had some experience with CAD/drafting, but getting a shape from Fusion360, into gcode and then cut (at an acceptable quality) took a bit of trial and error. Nothing insurmountable, but be prepared and patient. Happy to assist if you do go ahead and the tutorials on the Langmuir website are pretty good

-The plasma cutter you have makes all the difference. I have two, (both mid level) and if I had my time over I’d pool my cash into a Hypertherm - the Langmuir product is really only something to move the torch around. As it was, I already had a plasma cutter before this product came about. Also, both my plasma machines use the SL60 torch, which is kind of generic and easy to get consumables for.

-you’ll probably want a dedicated 15a circuit

-air compressor also matters. You want plenty of volume and will need a moisture filter. I had to upgrade my compressor to be able to do larger cuts. Initially I’d only be able to run the torch for say 30 seconds and then let the compressor catch up.

-not sure what model you’re looking at. I’d love to go all in for the new “pro” I think they call it. Runs better software, is bigger and comes standard with a water table (which I don’t have but wouldn’t mind).

All in all, I love it. Probably the best tool in my shed. Your imagination is the limit really (I’ll chuck up a couple pics if I can). Just need to take into account cost (probably double the cost of the Langmuir product by the time you add freight and potential upgrades to your other parts - air/plasma machine - if need be).

Hope this helps - shout out if you have other queries. image image image image