2021 RazorCut 45 Consumables

Ok. NOOBE here. I just received my final part of the RazorCut 45 which was on backorder since June 2021. I now have the plasma cutter in my hands. I’m new to plasma cutting, but as I read the forums regarding the Razorcut45 and the material I plan to cut, being sheet metal of .0625" or less, it seems I need to stick to a nozzle size of .8mm and of course all the appropriate settings from the cut sheets provided. My problem is that the torch that was delivered as of mid September doesn’t give any indication as to what model and therefore consumables the plasma torch is. Of course the manual referenced certain parts, but I’ve seen older posts and newer posts that contradict that. Attached is my torch labled, “Pro Point, Flame” and a picture of the profile along with what the Razorweld manuel says I have. I need help determining what torch was delivered to me and most importantly, what compatible consumibles are available. Especially at a .8mm size.

That torch is just another version of the X45 torch. There is no 0.8mm consumables for that torch only one size that is a 1.0mm rated at 45/50 amp.

If you want to use 0.6mm/20 amp or 0.8mm/30 amp consumables for more detail you need to change to a new torch.

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Thank you for the quick reply!! I’m ready to start my trial runs. I’m assuming that I can make 1mm work fine for my projects given I put those specifications in the cutter profile in Fusion 360. So is this the “Hypertherm” model that takes the forum recommended S45 tips, or do I need to specifically order the tip model # from Razorweld/Langmuir?

It does not take S45 consumables. Langmuir sells the consumables.

I’m looking into doing finer detail work for the near future. Which new torch do you recommend to get down to the .6mm size range?

I would recommend the Tecmo PTM 60 machine torch. This will give you a good range of consumables from 0.6mm/15/20 amp to 1.0mm/45/50 amp. Always remember you can go down some in amperage but not up. Example a 0.9mm/40 amp tip you can go down to say 30 amps if needed, but not up to 45 amps it will just burn it out real fast.


Is the tecmo ptm60 a direct plug n play with the razorweld 45?

Also where would you get consumables for that torch in those variety of sizes?

Yes the torch would be plug and play. Contact information for the torch and consumables can be gotten here. www.georgesplasmacuttershop.com


Great once I’m up and running I’ll be in touch, it’ll be nice to have finer consumables

Any idea if there are plans to produce other nozzle sizes in the future? That’s pretty frustrating otherwise.

No there is not going to be any smaller consumables

I see mechanic416 chimed in. Ordered a torch from George for my Pro with a set of consumables. He took 20 mins to answer all my newbie questions (I never even seen a plasma torch in operation). Order arrived quickly, plug and play after I ordered the LS vertical torch Z-axis holder. My entire machine, Pro, Cut 45, the IPTM60 machine torch work as expected every time. You want customer support like in the olden days, just order from George.