16ga cutting issue with Hobart 27i (Solved)

Actually yes there is. I just took it apart and its clean, dry and no evidence of ever being wet.
It does have a regulator as well but says it’s factory set.
I tried several test cuts at 100psi with ipms from 40 to 85. None were successful.

Were are these consumables from?

Maybe make contact with Hobarts Customer service


Seem like a issue with your plasma

They may have more information or other recommendations.

they want you to run 16 ga at 192 ipm in the manual !! wow seems fast.

Only a few cuts on these consumables which are Hobart. Still look new.
Agreed that 192 on 16ga is really fast. Can’t even come close to that.
Checked all filters and separators and everything is clean and dry.
I’m reworking my air lines now and will try some further testing.

Sorry I misread; I was thinking you were using coiled plastic flex/stretch airline.

No worries. I’m using the standard rubber air line… I hate those coiled ones. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

i am unfamiliar with your plasma torch but do you know if your machine will time out the pilot arc if a good ground is not connected? after reading all of the information above it sounds like your machine is not putting out nearly 30 amps. most of these pilot arc machines that i am familiar with have a low amperage pilot arc then transition to specified cut amperage once the cutter detects a completed circuit between torch arc and machine “ground”. it sounds to me that your machine is not transitioning out of pilot arc mode or status. i have an everlast with a 15 second sample period before disabling the pilot arc. i wonder if your machine doesnt time out…if that is the case go thru your ground clamp and cable looking for a bad connection.

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It has a pilot arc only, not a full pilot so it stops when the cut is started.

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Is there any steps for you to take to solve that issue?

Did you end up talking to Hobart?

I’m still working on figuring it out and starting by shortening the distance from compressor to plasma cutter.
Then I’ll do more testing.

Problem solved!
It appears to have been an issue with stable air supply. I reworked my airlines to have less distance between the compressor and plasma cutter. I now have minimal pressure drop and it cuts perfectly.
The sweet spot for the Hobart 27i to cut 16ga seems to be 100PSI, 120IPM.
Thanks to everyone for their input, it’s much appreciated.
One of these days I’ll have accumulated enough knowledge to be able to help others too.


Look at it like this, every problem you have and solve you learned something that very well may help with something else in the future.

You did good!
Thanks for posting the results and feel free to add pics of your changes if you have them. Always nice to have a visual

Thank you!