16 guage not cutting correctly

Prime Weld machine torch with hypertherm consumables 40 amp
Primeweld CUT 60
45 amp
110 feedrate
55 PSI

Tutorial File v4.f3d (154.6 KB)

All help is greatly appreciated

what is it you want help with? The hole that did not complete?

first…holes that are less that 2" in diameter need to be cut in the counterclockwise driection and at 60% slower that normal speed.
try that to start


10-15 more psi. Otherwise your settings are what I use and I have same setup.


Yes please

Thank you sir

Have you been cutting successfully on this table?
I see the holes are numbered was there different settings for each?
how big are the holes?

Did you happen to notice, what happened on the bad hole?
did torch stop where cut stopped?
any errors messages?
Even the hole that did not cut out completely looks good, as far as the cut. Almost like it was supposed to cut that way.

Thank you for the reply Knick,

  1. I bought this table used ad these are the “test” pieces. Small enough to not waste material.
  2. The numbers are the cut order.
  3. The holes are 1/2"
  4. Didn’t notice any difference or abnormal stops with the torch, no errors.

Wonering if the cut path is the problem?

Is that cut at 30, 40 or 45 amps, you have all three between your text and the writing on the piece?

110 ipm is very slow for 16 ga., even at 30 amps. At 45 amps, you should be closer to 200 ipm.

Have you tested the actual cut height? Chances are very good that you are cutting much higher than your programmed height.

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My apologies … It should be 30 amps

No I haven’t tested the actual cut height … will check tonight

Thank you

Were they too small to clip the Work Clamp to the piece itself? Did you attach the work clamp to the table instead?

Work clamp is connected to the sheet itself …

Just curious … what are your go to settings for 16 gauge mild steel with this setup?

For me on 16ga, I do 30amps at 140 IPM with .06 cut height.

UPM-105 requires more PSI than the PTM-60 or IPT-60 torches, says so right on it

Thank you very much