100% newbie, just bought a used Crossfire system

Hello all, as the title says I just bought what I believe is a first gen crossfire. I am 100% newbie, I have a cheap plasma cutter that I use for projects, but I really want to invest in something good to use with this system. I’m in college right now and doing my clinicals, and I would really love to invest in something that I could do a little business on the side making keychains or plaques and stuff like that to sell.

The guy I bought it from recommended a hypertherm, he said that on the forums it seemed like they had the least problems synching up with the software and stuff like that. If that is correct let me know, or if there’s other really good options I’d like to hear those too. As stated I am a college student, so I’m not trying to spend the most as possible, but I’m definitely willing to drop some coin on what I consider an investment.

I really don’t know everything about this and I have not even set up the table, but here is some info I got from the seller. I will paste below exactly what he put in the ad.

"Langmuir crossfire cnc plasm…

XL extension kit. I did perform a modification at this point which is referred to as a “rail swap" of the x/y axis in combination with use of the xl kit, this results in additional cut capacity over the stand or xl configuration.

Current actual cut capacity

X: 30"

Y: 33.3"

Z: The auto height control 0-4"

The thickness or wall cut capacity is determined by your plasma cutter and mechanized cut speed charts in your owner’s manual.

This also has a pair of custom billet machine

torch holders I had made. This allows the use of a

machine torch or hand cutting torch.

Bonus items included in this deal is the water tank, pump & drainage plumbing/valves. I will also included the pivoting laptop stand (made on this very table). The table also has a lower shelf added which is both convenient and gives increased structural integrity. The table sits on height adjustable locking casters and is very easy to move around.

You will need a plasma cutter and laptop or pc. Software is free to download on the manufactures website.

I’m am only selling because I upgraded to a full size table after experiencing nothing but satisfaction with this table."

If I need to provide more information please let me know, I don’t even know what else put on here.

welcome to the forum…
welcome to Plasma cutting…
now to burst you bubble of hope and put you in despair…(evil laugh) MWHahahahahahahaha

just kidding…a bit…

ok…so you have a table with lots of extras…and you are loking for a decent plasma cutter…getting the best cutter you can afford will make easier cutting and less headaches on the average…

What you also have to look at is your electricity and AIR delivery…

You need to make sure you have the power available to run a decent plasma…30amp/220v…and 20 amp/220 for a decent compressor…

as for the air…a decent sized compressor to meet the needs of your selected plasma cutter…usually a 50 gallon and up is best…single stage…read the specs on the plasma cutters for air useage…then get a compressor based off that.

now that you have the plasma cutter…air selected…now you need to dry the air…and filter it…
there are may options to doing that…and there are a lot of threads on it…the dryer and cleaner your air…the better cuts and longer life of your consumables will follow…

an example…when I add an air cooler between the pistons of the compressor and the storage tank to cool and condense the air off the compressor heads…I nearly doubled the life of the consumables…
then I added a refrigerated dryer…after the storage tank…added about 25% more life…
then I put a desiccant visual bead dryer to monitor the air and then a micron air filter…

all that gives me real dry air…and clean air…so now my cuts get tuned in by adjusting the amps and speed of my cuts…

as for software…some is free some is not…it all depends …like you said you are looking at odds and ends…Inkscape is free and easy…but not a technical drawing program…then you need a post processor like Sheetcam, not costly but easy to learn.
You could go the way of Fusion360…and learn that…can be a very powerful software…it is free…but has limitations…but is does have the post processor available for Firecontrol…

so…I hope this gives you some more information…


Welcome to the forum, you’ll get a lot of support here but since you have an older system there is some ambiguity as to what generation it is. Somewhere on this forum (and Langmuir website) there is a photo of the controller boxes so you can determine exactly what you have. @toolboy might have the link handy.

Regarding the data you provided, the XL kit extends the Y axis, but not the X axis. The X axis in either case is 25".
The original CF did not have a Z axis, but LS has this as an option on their newer systems and also an upgrade kit. This MAY be what you have, OR you may have a third party Z axis. So, this is why we need to nail down which system you have.


I’ll post a few pics the seller sent to me beforehand, if I need to find more let me know. I have it all disassembled until I pick and get a good plasma cutter.

I know there was like a black control box or something like that, and also he had upgraded it with the newest z-axis something or other. I’m sorry like I said, 100% newbie lol.

(Since I’m new I can only upload 1 pic at a time I guess)

Also he said he had custom turned aluminum grips made for his specific cutter head or torch, but he included the original ones in addition to the custom one.

The custom grips he had made

Thank you for the detailed information. The seller actually went through quite a bit with me and highly advised me to get a good quality Air dryer which I had never heard of. I mean I had heard of air dryers, but not in conjunction with the plasma cutter and all that. I have a simple water separator and a 30 gallon hooked up to a 25 gallon air pig. If I need to get a bigger air compressor then so be it, but the first major hurdle is the plasma cutter.

Looks like a current version, so that’s good for you. A few enhancements (tank, shelf, etc) that’s good. Curiously larger than normal spacing between slats. Whether that’s good or bad depends on what types of things you cut. A lot of small pieces will get tip ups (or simply fall into the water). I think the Plasma cutting Gods prefer tip-ups wherever possible. Not a big deal, but it means you have to pay attention.

He said he likes to run fewer slats, and gave me a bunch extra.

What are tip ups?

Think playing Whack A Mole while plasma cutting a sheet of expensive metal.

You’re cutting away and suddenly UP pops a piece that should have fallen or stayed put, but gravity and pivot points made it pop up instead of fall down.

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it means you need to send money to the people that help you…ahahahahaaha…

seriously… @TomWS is right…AGAIN!!!


Lol, you two haha. But that makes sense, thanks.

So as far as plasma cutter brand more features, is there any must-haves? Or any get it if you can kind of things?

you must have a plasma cutter that is best approved by Langmuir…or be absolutely positive it is true blow-back start…we just helped someone here who thought they had a blowback…turned out to be High Frequency start…HF…
if in doubt you can always ask here…there are a few guys here who can help validate…
there is Manual-Man… @TinWhisperer
and the resident Plasma Guru… @mechanic416

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Well, not exactly ‘guru’. More like curmudgeon, but very knowledgeable and SOOO friendly :slightly_smiling_face: Aren’t ya, George?


I am new to this as well. I have Hypertherm 45xp.

I bought it because it was plug and play. Just got set up and made first cut with no issues.

Others love their Razorweld.

I just read one of these great guys post recently you can buy 3 razorweld for the cost of 1 Hypertherm.

You must be in FL, because I was looking to buy that same table. You beat me to it and you got a nice table there. I ended up getting another table about a month ago. It’s a first version that was new in box, XL kit but with no Z axis. I will need to add the Z eventually and because I have the first version, it unfortunately costs a little more that it would for your table. I want to do the rail swap and water system like yours. Your table is set up nicely!

I am a complete newbie as well, but I did already had a good compressor and dry (ish) air. Being in FL, that will be very important for you to address. Wet air will cause issues and burn through your consumables faster ($$$.) You can look on Youtube for ways to remove moisture from air. (I have one up there on my auto oil cooler with fans.) Works good for other things, but haven’t plasma cut yet. A lot of guys put an “auto guard” filter at the table as a last line of defense. I forgot the size of the compressor you had, but you will need to check the CFM and if it is enough for the plasma cutter that you want (I think usually around 6-7CFM is what most want.) You can find used 60gallon 10cfm on Marketplace for $300-500. They are 220v though. (You will also want/need 220v for your plasma cutter too.)

I wanted a Hypertherm and after a lot of looking for used ones for a few months, I ended up getting a Hypertherm 45XP off of Marketplace. I was almost ready to give up on finding a used one and just buy new. But, I ultimately did find a okay deal for me on a used one. Most of the people that are selling used Hypertherms were VERY proud of them, lol. They want just about the same as what a new one costs. People are buying them I guess. Anyway, If you go with a Hypertherm, you may need to get a “CPC cable” if you don’t already have one. (It is for Hypertherm machines with machine torch.) $75. If you get a hand torch, you will have to modify it slightly. (Plenty of info out there on both of these topics.) I am a little bit old school and prefer a US made machine. That said, most seem happy with the Razorweld, Everlast, etc. With the Razorweld specifically…like I said most seem happy with them…but you do see from time to time someone selling their Razorweld because “they are upgrading to Hypertherm.”

Again, I am a newbie like you, but from all that I have read and watched videos of…I would recommend being a little conservative up front on what you invest. You have a great table, so you are set there. I am onboard with spending extra on a Hypertherm obviously! :wink: (It will be an easy item to sell if you ever want to get out.) Beyond that, just learn and go make some money. As you make money, then invest back into as needed. You may eventually find you will want a larger table, more powerful cutter, etc. It seems as if the metal sign market has cooled off some. People that are really good and put them time in are still pumping them out…but the people that do it on the side seem to be selling less than in the past. (I guess a lot of people have jumped into the field!)

Anyway, good luck with it! Update the thread with your progress,


How’s it going so far? Did you ever get your table up and running?