10 gauge cold roll steel settings

Getting the crossfire cnc dialed for 10 gauge cold rolled steel. So far the best results I’m getting is 40 amps .5 pierce delay 98ipm on outside cuts and 49 ipm on inside cuts.

The pieces look good and circles are round but I’m getting slag that a wire wheel won’t remove. I think I’m pretty close on settings but would like to hear what others are doing as far as settings.

What plasma are you using? Lots of time cutting to slow will cause excess dross.

If your cuts are satisfactory how hard is the drops to remove?

Razorcut 45. I have to sand the difficult parts off. On 1/8 most falls off with a wire wheel.

If your cut look acceptable I would determine if it is too much trouble cleaning them up. Have you checked your actual cut height?

Yeah I use the thick shim. I might try the 1/8 settings and see what happens.

Ok so you don’t have the power z…

Isn’t that the 1/8 shim?

Yes the 1/8 shim.

You will get better consumable sevice and probably better drops situation if you use the 1/16… have you tried the thinner in your trials?

Not yet. I’ll try the thinner shim tonight.

I believe you will see better cuts and definitely longer consumable life. Report back on your testing it may help others

Will do with pictures. THANKS

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40 amps 1/16 torch height Razorcut 45

60 ipm on outside cut and 30 ipm inside.

Holes are .200 and .250.

Almost no bevel on edges. Toughest dross falls off with a pick.


Pretty impressive you’re getting good pierces with only .5 sec delay on 10 gauge.

Interesting mind if I ask what you are making. Just like to see what others are making.

Tattoo machines.


Those look like nice cuts! For reference I’m running 45A 100ipm 60% feed for holes <1". Pierced in the center, curved lead, .08 overcut, no lead out. Hyp 45xp. I think I was pretty close to that with the RW45 too. I didn’t notice much change between the machines on thinner material. Really just 3/8 and up the 45xp really outshines the RW in duty cycle and speed. Those RWs can really cut nice. I think half of the reason they cut so nice is that I never had book specs so you have to fine tune everything. With the hypertherm I’m guilty of just doing book specs and letting it rip for low tolerance parts.