1/4 inch steel tip problems

I have the pro with the hyp 45 …what does everyone run for amps and speed for cutting…I cut thin and thick with the standard guide on here for speed and amp no problem but when I’m cutting 1/4 inch seems to burn tips up fast

You have hypertherm 45xp?

45 amps, around 48 ipm for me.

Yes hypertherm 45xp…I was wondering cause I run 1/2 no problem …1/4 was running 30-35amp at 20ipm

Thanks for input

seems slow…what does your dross and cut edge look like…that will tell you a lot about your speed…you may be overheating your tip going that slow

I’ve settled on 60 ipm at 45amps. Straight edge and clean front. Some dross on the bottom but I’m not worried about that.

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You cut 1/4" steel at 60 IPM?? I’ve had to reduce my cut to around 10 IPM just to get it to cut all the way through! What’s my problem??

What are your exact settings that you were running for your quarter inch?


Cut height?

Inches per minute?

Pierce delay?

Pierce height?

What machine are you running? Razerweld45

What consumable pack are using?

What condition is your consumable pack in?

Are you running Torch height control?

What kind of voltage are you seeing during your cut?

Are you running your machine off an extension cord? If so, what gauge? what length?

What program are using to create your toolpaths?

Where do you clamp the ground?

Not enough energy getting to the work, but why?

Wow thank you for the detailed help!!

Amp: 45

Cut Height: .02 in

IPM: around 7-10 (I did the manual override if it wasn’t cutting all the way through)

Pierce delay: 1.5 s

Pierce Height: .013 in

Machine: RazorWeld45

Consumables: Not sure, but they are in good condition - checked that yesterday

THC: Yes, running Torch Height Control

Voltage: around 115 when it’s running I’m pretty sure

Extension Cord: Yes, I am using an extension cord - maybe that is the issue? It’s an SOOW cord - pretty long, I’d say about 20ft? However, we use the same extension cord to power the welder and the handheld plasma cutter, and both of those get great power, so I am not sure if that’s the problem?

Program: Using Fusion360 for design, manufacturing, and post processing.

Clamp: Typically directly on the sheet of metal, or if there isn’t room, then onto the slats on the plasma table where the metal is touching.

What could increase my power?

@TinWhisperer needs to know the gauge wire in your extension cord. SOOW refers to the type of cable (oil and weather resistance), but it comes in many different gauges. Should be printed or molded into the casing. For example: 3/12 would be 3 conductor 12 gauge.

Removing any barriers to resistance.

If you’re running a small power cord you would get line loss.

What kind of PSI are you running?

Sorry this is all very new to me - summer intern hahahah.

Boss says its a 50 Amp cord. Casing says 3/C 8AWG 8.37mm^2. Not entirely sure what that all means.

So cord probably isnt the issue?

PSI on the unit says its around 110 PSI but the RazorWeld unit regulates it to about (if I remember correctly) like 50-60 range?

Change your cut height .05 to .06 somewhere in there.

Take apart the consumable pack to verify the condition of all the parts.
check all the little holes for blockages.

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How are we set up here?

You need 100 to 120 psi to the plasma cutter. Then around 70 psi when the plasma cutter is cutting. I am guessing you have the X45 torch, what consumables are you using? Razorweld, Langmuir, Hypertherm, aftermarket?

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Amp: 45

Cut Height: .02 in Should be .060" from tip to metal. If you use a CNC shield it will be .030" from shield to metal.

IPM: around 7-10 (I did the manual override if it wasn’t cutting all the way through) Should be around 65ipm

Pierce delay: 1.5 s should be .7

Pierce Height: .013 in should be .150

i will definitely try these settings again, but in the past I have found that that cut height and that feedrate is WAY too fast from 1/4" - like its hardly scratching the surface at that speed and distance