1/2 second arc, then no more cut

Hi team, I’m puzzling my way thru what I think may be a THC or software issue.
CrossFire Pro, Razor 45, THC with split voltage connection, up-to-date software, new electronics board for table.

I’ll start a program (My Tree of Life project - Thank you Richard!) and for the first cut it went well. Then stopped. Hit pause, hit “go” and we started. Repeat for about 80% of the program. Then the torch would not fire any longer. Checked ground - was OK.

Repeat program from zero. No further torch activity save for a 1/2 second arc for the first cut, then nothing beyond that. Continue with the Pause/Go game. The CNC continues fine, compressed air is metered correctly thru the cut head. Change to 3D bug program (thanks Bryan!) and yes the torch fires for the first cut, but never no more there after.

Langmuir was GREAT about sending a new control card for the table (originally received in Fall 2019) however the issue is exactly the same.

The Razor 45 works fine as a stand alone “dumb” cutter. The table XYZ controls work fine.

The Z axis area is spotless. There is only about 8 minutes of run on the machine.
The Razor 45 does function in manual mode using the keyboard for simple “jogging” around the table.
The THC does function for height control and for air management.

So I’m thinking that there may be a hardware issue with the THC or some sort of software issue.

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Hey Doug,

A good place to start would be disabling THC via the THC control panel in FireControl, then running a program and seeing if the issue persists. This should give us some insight into whether the root cause of the issue is THC or something else.

Attempted. No joy.

For the time being, please keep THC disabled while we troubleshoot the torch misfiring issue independently from THC. I have a few questions to help us begin narrowing this down:

  1. What type of metal are you cutting, and exactly how thick is it?

  2. What is the plasma cutter’s amperage set to?

  3. What are feedrate and pierce delay set to?

  4. What are pierce height and cut height set to?

  5. Where is the plasma cutter work clamp attached- the water table, a slat, directly to the sheet metal, somewhere else?