.06 mm tips cheap

I got a really nice 83 piece 1.1mm consumable set for primeweld for a good deal
But what i really need is .06mm set. I cant find any decent deals anywhere
Is their any place that has good deals?

The are no aftermarket sources of .6mm nozzles that I’m aware of. I got some from Everlast, but I’ve never used them. I never cut anything at less than 30 amps and I think the .6mm nozzles are limited to 20 amps. Running them at higher amperage will just blow out the hole in the nozzle to a larger diameter.


Yes there are 0.6mm tips for the Primeweld Cut60. Contact George here on the forum, he sells them, @mechanic416


I have been using 1.1mm tips with my everlast 62i with great results. I ordered .06mm tips and turned down amp to 20(lowest i can go) and i cant get my machine to fire. What am i doing wrong?

The nozzle diameter should have nothing to do with whether the torch fires or not. Did you turn your air pressure down?