Are units being shipped by order number?


Order number #3649##


Just got an email within the hour that my plasma table is on the way. Checked the tracking, the label was created on the 18th and UPS doesn’t have an Origin Scan yet…


I got my email at 2 in the afternoon one day. At 7 that evening it was here. So…


just got notification 3713 shipping label has been created ( plasma table )


Any one have a best guess for plas table number 3943 shipping? Water table number 3979 delivered on 1/18/19…impatient old man just curious… not bitchin / moaning…


Should be soon I’m #3649 and it’s on the way here now. Some of the orders between us could be just a plasma machine, laptop tray or laptop so it could be soon. I know how hard it is, I’ve been waiting since Nov 8th.


Thanks for the encouragement…


Dosen’t look like all the January units are going to be shipped out on time.


They should! Four more days left in January.


@langmuir-daniel Hi could you update us on the current status ? Are you incurring a delay or will you ship Jan units on time ? Thank you


Never mind. Just got this explained to me by Langmuir, bottom line each shipment appears as it’s own order so it considers it complete i.e. the last item on the order even if multiple things are on a single order and not all shipped yet… Weird, yes…


Probably because from what I’ve seen Langmuir creates the UPS shipping labels 6 or so days before they send the email saying something has shipped

For my water table Langmuir created the label on the 9th, emailed me that it shipped on the 15th but really didn’t ship it until the 22nd (UPS’s Origin Scan date) and should be delivered today the 28th. We’re digging out from a snowstorm but that usually doesn’t stop UPS here.

For my plasma table the UPS label was created on the 18th, they sent me the email saying it shipped on the 24th, but it really hasn’t shipped yet (no UPS Origin Scan yet).

So that’s probably how people think they got it before there was tracking, due to the delay from when the label is created and when the email is sent. If by chance it is shipped before the email is sent then it could show up on the same day the email arrives as was your case.


Just received the water table(Right on schedule) One package to go #4034


So looks like there is a delay, my order 3965 originally told me that it will ship no later than Jan 30th now I got no later than Feb 28, …


Had to laugh a little about UPS and the weather. We get 2" snow they won’t even enter my driveway. A package from UPS I have to pick it up at the dock or it will say on the trunk for days. #3610 was shipped in Jan as was everyone else. Entertain your self with this tracking number and look at the detailed view. 1Z71Y0380394784186. This is not on Langmuir. 10 days and waiting.


Watertable order #4432 ordered on Jan 22 arrived on the 28th!!! Table order #3723 still no shipping info. Getting excited!!!


Im #4332 an aint got anyinfo order table an water tray


Now this is really interesting. I just got an email from UPS (I have an account with them) for a delivery scheduled for tomorrow. From Langmuir. The only item left from them is the plasma table. I received an email from them on the 24th that it shipped and according to UPS the label was created on the 18th but until today UPS had no Origin Scan thus no tracking info.

Until today. And the Origin Scan shows Hodgkins, IL., not California. A lot of my UPS shipments come through Hodgkins and I know when it’s there it’s delivered the next day. So how did it get from Langmuir in California to Hodgkins IL. with no tracking info?

Origin Scans sometimes do show Hodgkins IL. for various shipments from different vendors but I’ve always attributed that to regional warehousing or the manufacturer/seller nearby and that is the UPS first hop. Until now. I don’t think Langmuir has warehousing or manufacturing near Hodgkins IL.?

Never ever seen this before.


Ups was very slow to update my tacking information. Just having any information is nice.


order 3713 showed up this morning now I just have to put it together.