Are units being shipped by order number?


id look in detailed tracking info! there will be a reference number as to what it is


im 34xx cant wait im getting closer!


Hi everyone. I’m #3390 (original delivery mid-December - seems like we’re tracking ahead of that). Am getting it shipped to Australia using a forwarder and pretty excited. Be great to hear if any other Aussie’s have purchased (our only other options here start at $20k++!)


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Seem to be moving along but I’m 3382 and haven’t heard a word about mine.


Rest assured they will send you a text and or email when its ready. They are working hard as they can minus the holiday vacations to get the orders out. Was your order to be shipped in november or december?


Not sure about ship date ar the moment but believe it was stated to be mid-Dec. it’s just that seeing the previous poster being notified struck me funny. My math tells me 82 is before 90. Maybe I don’t understand new math! Anyway, no harm. I’m patiently waiting.

And I have been watching the numbers and know they’ve been quite busy working hard to fill orders. I’m willing to wait for a quality machine.


Its definately worth the wait. I ordered early september received mine nov 15


Neither the 90 or the 82 said they have received notification of shipment. The 90 just said it seemed like “we’re tracking ahead of that” meaning it seems they are ahead of schedule. I am 3081 and my plasma cutter has been shipped but not the table, water table, or laptop stand but I imagine those are right behind the cutter. They said they would ship by November 30th and I know they are working hard to hit that.


I am #3076 and got notice last week for the Laptop holder and the Plasma and they are scheduled to arrive on Monday the 26th. Megan said the Crossfire and Water Table should ship by November 30th in an earlier post. I am guessing that they got a large shipment of the Plasma cutters in and that is why numbers seem to be climbing faster because they are shipping them out ahead of the tables themselves.


Just not how the order numbers work.

The tables are being shipped out in order. But add-ons to existing tables may have a later number and ship earlier than some tables. Langmuir posted that a couple of weeks ago or so.

So 90 may ship before 82 unless they’re both tables in which case 82 ships before 90.


I didnt get another email from Langmuir but got another email from UPS. Now both my plasma cutter as well as another package containing the table, water table, and laptop stand will be delivered tomorrow. At least I assume all the rest is in that one. It says it weighs 129lbs. Again I am order number 3081 for everyone’s reference.


129 lb is just the crossfire table. Also the water table package is 12.80 lb


Thank you for the info. Cant wait to get it all!


Everything ships separately; nothing is crated or “together” - you’ll get tracking numbers for each item. The 130lb box is just the plasma table!


Thank you! I just got notification from UPS that my table and cutter were delivered. That’s 4 days before you guys had originally told me so thank you very much for all your hard work :slight_smile:


3163, expecting plasma cutter today, just got shipping notice for crossfire, haven’t heard about water table yet.

Edit: plasma cutter arrived


Order #3148, just received shipping notice for the table. :+1:


Based on this thread it seems like they are shipping around 40 tables per day. Thats pretty impressive!


My table showed up at front door #3097. Now the fun of putting together.


Table # 3059 here