Zip file for toolset for sheetcam

Where do I find the zip file for sheetcam for my plasma cutter. I already paid and downloaded it. I have a error for post processing and I think it’s due to this. All I have under tools in sheetcam is T1:Plasma. HAs anyone had this same issue?

That’s where you start. If you’ve not defined any others you’ll want to so you can have different speed combinations for different materials. I’ve defined 3 dozen for myself.

Or are you saying you used to have more and now you only have the one?

I am trying to make my first cut. when I try to generate the gcode I get an error of post processing error on line 1178. any clue on that?

also, this is a file I got off of Fireshare. I don’t think that should matter though, right?

I think we need some clarification on what you have installed and whether the question is still about tool configurations

would either of you be able to call me please? I think it would be easier to explain over the phone if possible. If you are fine with that I’ll put my # up shortly.

I recommend that you send it in a private messsge to @brownfox or @jamesdhatch. Putting your phone number on an open forum is a really bad idea…

gentleman, I never had a post processor selected in the machine options. I have a Razorcut 45 with the pro table running firecontrol. which post processor do I need to select??

I called him and I think he should be up and running. Got the post downloaded and pointed out the directions.