Z height does not change

Why does the Z height not change when the Z is moving up and down with the THC?

Are you talking about in the software - on the screen while the cut is in progress?

Sorry, yes in fire control on the screen the Z readout is always exactly what I set it at, I would assume some minor adjustment during cutting with the THC, during severe or just warped cuts has anyone seen the Z height DRO change? I think someone posted a YouTube video of severe warp and I think the Z height didn’t change even on the severe warp.

Crossfire Pro is open loop, meaning no feedback from the axis to the controller. The THC takes over control of the Z axis for height changes. Since it is open loop the controller doesn’t see the height change, and since it is no longer in control of Z it (the controller) doesn’t know what it is being commanded to do.

So you won’t see the DRO’s update while THC is active. Unless at some point Langmuir adds feedback from the THC to Firecontrol.