Z axis motor just spinning

So I’m super excited to start using my newly purchased and installed z axis from Langmuir for my Crossfire table. Got everything wired up to my Razorweld 45 plasma cutter and began by simply moving the torch holder through it’s range of motion in X-axis and Y-axis in Firecontrol. Moves great just like before adding Z-axis. I was eager to try the Z-axis so I hit the Page Up button on my laptop. The motor moved the torch holder vertically. However, upon hitting Page Down the torch holder didn’t move down. After finding a bolt heavy enough to hold the Page Down button down on my laptop while I looked closely at the parts of the Z-axis, I see that the motor shaft is spinning inside the coupler that attaches to the “drive screw.” I attempted to tighten the tiny Allen head bolts on the coupler, but they absolutely won’t get any tighter. What do I need to do to fix this? Very disappointing to finally have the upgrade to my table but this coupler is preventing any further progress. Ideas?

You may have to loosen them and then tighten them again. I believe those are small Alan heads on the z-axis maybe 2.5 mm?

Are you just using a standard Allen key to tighten it? T handle?

Slipping couplers is a problem that pops up every once in awhile and it is solvable.

If you can’t get it to tighten in the place it is in I would think about loosening it and moving it slightly so it bears down on a different part of the shaft.

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Hey Adam,

If neither of @TinWhisperer’s suggestions work out for you, reach out to us at support@langmuirsystems.com and we’ll be happy to help you get a replacement Z-axis coupler!

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