Y axis travel for those that have there table running

For those that have your table up and running. When we home the table and then manually jog head. To get the head to move we have to use the y- button for travel away from the home. This seems odd to me that this wouldn’t be the x and y zero, and it would count up from there. The x axis works fine when you home it and move it from there.

The home location is XY zero in the machine coordinate reference frame. The table surface itself is in the +X-Y quadrant of the coordinate system, which is pretty much industry standard. The y coordinates in machine coordinate will always be negative.

So is there a easy way to make sheetcam simulate the same as table. I’ve tried many orientations but i can’t make the part go from the tables quadrant configuration. Upgrading from the pro has me doing some head scratching.

It can be set up in sheet cam. Adjust the zero under options for the machine and job to top left quadrant.