XT30R torch question

My Hobart 27i uses the XT30R torch, is there a source for a machine torch equivalent?

I was thinking maybe I could modify a machine torch for when I use the 27i on my table and then just unplug the torch and attach my regular torch when I have other work to do around the shop.

Thoughts anyone?

Hobart customer service is terrible - they can barely answer general questions about their own products - absolutely impossible to get a technical question answered.


I’m using the same torch and plasma cutter - have you had any issues with it in the torch mount. Ours does not stay level/firmly in since such a little surface is actually snug in the mount. Did you modify in any way?
As for your question…I think since you need to be plugged into other wires inside your machine your best off just to tuck those aside when not using the cross fire…that’s what i’m doing.
thx in advance.