XR Sucessful cut but how to make it better?

First real cuts on the table and have to admit, I am quite happy with how it turned out. It’s been a very long time coming. I would however appreciate any advice I can get on how to make it even better. The second picture will show a close up of the stars. You can see how the edges are some what rounded instead of coming to sharp points and they are just not quite “right”

There was little to no dross so cleanup was a breeze. The only thing that went ‘wrong’ was that I had the torch delay set to .2 seconds and after the first star was cut it errored out and required a .5 delay. My plasma manufacturer, HTP, suggests a delay of .2. I can’t figure out how to override that in Firecontrol and I am not sure if just maybe that caused the rounding of the star points?

Since the plasma Arc cuts Like a cylinder it can’t come to a point.

Like using a router to make a square the corners are always going to be the radius of the bit being used.

Similar to plasma the radius at a corner is going to be limited to your kerf diameter.

The smaller the star is the more pronounced this effect will be.

How big is that overall piece.

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That indeed makes sense. As for the piece, I took the original that was supposed to be around 2x4’ and used the scale function to shrink it to 55% in order to fit a piece of scrap metal I had for testing prior to cutting it full size on a new sheet. Final size was approx 24x16 or so.

Like I said, I am quite happy with this as a first real cut on the table. Just learning what the limits are and how to improve where I can prior to doing any work for other people.

Did you shrink it in Fusion 360 or shrink it in fire control?

Shrunk in Fire control. Waiting on new computer before jumping into fusion.