XR stopped moving with torch on full blast

What would cause that? Firecontrol wasnt frozen. I was doing a 10 minute cut and it just quit moving and was on full blast in one spot. I had to turn the Hypertherm off. Also look at the poor cut quality right before this happened.

That would be a FC freeze. Not uncommon. How long have you been running this setup? The bad cut quality IMO would have been from the Z axis having an issue and or FC having and issue with THC. So the torch was way too high that’s why it wasn’t cutting and the stop issue could all have been a compounded FC issue. Either interference with cables and or just computer and FC issue. I restart my PC every time I use it. Run multiple chokes on cables and keep plasma as far away as possible. With hypertherm you can get ok cuts with really worn consumables, so I highly doubt your consumables were just wearing out so bad to cause any issues. However def take them out and look at them bc when it fires that far off while cutting normally it blows the tips out, or alteast gets slag up in the nozzle.

So you are saying FC was still functioning after you shut off the torch? Perhaps somewhat of a freeze and not a total freeze. When I have gotten big time freezes it resets all my pierce counts, other times it doesn’t. But rarely has FC ever been fully functioning after torch stopped moving. Be good to check all your motors and cables etc as well, but again that tall cut height is telling me its most likely a program issue esp if the torch was cutting high then just stops. Also check the Z axis make sure its not gummed up and I put a little oil on all my lead screws atleast once a week. Iv only gotten 1 freeze since I started running two chokes on my USB cable. I put tons of cutting on my table every week so its pretty well tested and overall been stable thanfully.