XR Machine not following cut path [SOLVED]

I just got the XR and finally was able to try and cut, but when I loaded the cut into fire control every loaded correctly, but when I hit start the cutter didn’t follow the cut path. It just went straight like it was on a different plan, but it all looked good on the screen. The screen showed the torch was following the correct path, but the actual torch on the table was doing something different. I’m extremely new to this and I need help.

Welcome to the forum. I moved your post to the XR Category so it will get more attention. Also, adding @langmuir-cameron will get his attention. He is the XR Guru at Langmuir.

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Did you home machine and home work? Is your work and home settings orientated correctly in cam software (bottom left of machine)

Everything is homed correctly. The breakin even runs correctly.

I’m betting it’s the 2T 4T button on the razor weld.

What cutter are you using?

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Razor weld 45

Is it cutting on the rapids? 2T/4T button on the front of the cutter will fix this. You want it in 2T.

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Was able to get a hold of Langmuir, and found out it was the two set screws under the drive pulley were too tight. After 20 minutes on the phone we got it running like a champ.