XR for sale - Milwaukee Wisconsin - Sold

Selling my XR plasma table that was purchased less than a year ago. The machine has served me well, and essentially got my business started. However, I’m venturing deeper into the CNC Mill/Lathe realm.

The machine is in very good shape; cleaned, lubed and maintained regularly.

I’m near the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.

Langmuir XR plasma table
RW45 Plasma Cutter
A few full sheets of metal.

Do you have any pictures? How much are you asking?


Asking $6200. I have pictures. If you have FB you can see the listing here

If you have FB you can see the listing here:

Not everyone uses Fakebook, why not post some pics on this site? Probably sell quicker on this forum.

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I was interested but for drive distance and asking price i’ll wait for brand new to arrive end of April.

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The asking price was fair. After taxes and delivery the actual price of a brand new table is about $8400.

Anyways it was sold for $6k.

completely agree…i’m just too far of a drive. I’m sure someone local will be happy. I live in middle michigan.

That makes sense since you are some distance away. Hopefully you find a table that suits your needs.

I currently have a PRO so got me new XR coming. Someone will be really happy.