XR Computer not syncing one drive

Having an issue out of the blue where the XR Table computer is not syncing the files from sheetcam on my other computer. OneDrive on both computers show that they are online & currently “Syncing”

The only way i can get the xr computer to show the updated “Synced” Files is to go and manually pause onedrive syncing & then resume syncing (on the xr computer) only then will Onedrive update and show the correct files

Mine just started doing this last week. Has been working fine for 6 months. Files will show up in my one drive folder on the desktop, but don’t show on the XR computer. I have been restarting the XR computer to get it to “re sync”.

Did you get your issue resolved?

Mine is working again now. I installed an windows update on the table computer, not sure if that was the exact fix or not.