X axis won't jog in 300ipm

I can jog x axis from 200ipm and slower,but when I try at 300ipm it sounds like it’s binding and won’t move. Everything is tight I double checked everything seems like.

loosen the lead nut a bit and jog it to the extremes and see if that helps, then retighten. and possibly the lead nut mount that it screws on to.

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good suggestion…
what I found works well is to pull your drive screws…all 3…then see how easy it is to push your gantry and carriage around…it must moove very smoothly without being sloppy…

you have have overloaded your bearings of there may be a bearing issue…

how clean are your rails and bearings…if they have build-up you could be getting bog down on that also

Thanks,it is a new machine and I just had my ball screw bracket way to tight,I went over everything made sure it was not to tight and it functioned properly.

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