X axis problems

My pro table x axis isn’t working, when I press the arrow key you can hear the motor whirring but no movement.

When I hold the jog button and turn the motor/leadscrew by hand it will move intermittently.

Just wanted to make sure it was a stepper motor issue and not something else.


Is the coupler between the motor and the lead screw slipping? Make a mark on the lead screw and the motor output shaft and then jog the machine and see if the marks are still in the same place.

Nope, no splipping. Almost once I’m able to get it to turn it kinda breaks free and I get normal operation. Feel like somethings hanging up inside the motor

Check the DB9 connector where it connects to the control box. Make sure there are no burnt pins on the connector on either side. Then put the connector back on without tightening the screws. The screws are known to be too long and push the connector out slightly, causing issues with the stepper motors.

I will try but would that cause the symptoms I’m describing? Seems to have a good connection.

Like before I can hear the motor trying to turn, but no movement, when I apply twisting pressure to the motor and lead screw the jog the x axis it seems to break free and operate normally.

I stand corrected!!
I held the jog button and wiggled the connection and I reproduced the symptoms doing that

Also found one of the pins burned up

Try to clean the pins as well as you can and then plug it back in and out a few times to clean off the female side. Then plug it back in and make sure its fully seated without tightening the screws all the way. It wouldn’t hurt to put some dielectric grease on the connection, if you happen to have any.

If it still doesn’t work you should contact Langmuir support for replacement parts.


Will do, thanks!